Sunday, August 12, 2007

Stardust: film review

  • Based on the book Stardust by Neil Gaiman
  • Directed by Matthew Vaughn
  • Written by Neil Gaiman and Jane Goldman
  • Paramount Pictures (2007)
  • PG-13
  • 128 Minutes
  • I saw this movie on August 11
Okay, my lovelies. As I mentioned I was thinking about starting to review movies I saw based on books I have read. So, here goes.
As you may remember, I reviewed Stardust here, and gave it the esteemed bee Seal of Approval.
First off: visuals. This movie was extremely good looking. Claire Danes, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Charlie Cox. Remember how I said I hoped Danes looked like she did in Polish Wedding? She did, but better. Not to mention Mark Strong, who plays Septimus (I like the bad boys, sue me). All the settings are very cool, and the magic is represented by sort of jets of light. Awesome. Also, when the star (Danes) shines the effect is very cool. Oh, and the flying pirate ship helmed by Robert DeNiro (do you think his friends call him Bobby?) was well done and DeNiro was funny if a little Baron Munchausen.
Second: the adaptation. Now, when I watch a movie based on a book I loved I try to look at it separately as it's own work rather than tirelessly comparing. The story in the film is changed somewhat from the book, but I thought the changes brought some interesting ideas and very cool action. The narrator of the movie is Ian McKellen (who I sort of wish was my grandfather) and to be honest, I could have used a little more of him. Gaiman's narration in the book was witty, smart and incredibly sharp. I would have liked to hear a little more of that.
Overall, I really liked it. I laughed and smiled and got a little mushy. Definite warm fuzzies. For more info about the film go here. For some reviews go try Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. Also, I highly recommend Gaiman's blog. He has talked a lot about the adaptation and various other extremely interesting things. You have to love a man whose nickname is Scary Trousers. Also, we have the animated adaptation of Coraline to look forward to sometime in 2008.
So, that's it for our first movie review! Just another service brought to you by your friendly local booknerd!


Carl V. said...

Very well done! I reviewed it as well and also posted a link today on my site to my huge rant over the terrible marketing and release date of the film which were large contributors to its demise this weekend.

It certainly isn't the book, but that being said it was a very fun movie.

Great job on the movie review, I look forward to seeing more.

Carl V. said...

Oh, and we Gaiman fans also have the Gaiman/Avery penned Beowulf coming this fall/winter.

Elizabeth said...

I recently read Coraline and really enjoyed it. Am anxious to see the film adaptation.

Haven't yet read Stardust but it's on the list. Have yet to convince anyone to go see it with me. Thinking maybe I should read it first anyway...

Thanks for the review!