Saturday, August 11, 2007

Shamelessly asking for money

Hi kids, it's your favorite booknerd here. It's that time of the year when I have to start going around to people with a sad expression and ask for money to support my yearly charity walk.
My mum and I both have Crohn's disease, which sucks. Each year we do the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation Walk to help raise money. It's actually pretty fun, and this year we are having it at the zoo! Keep in mind that if I don't raise enough money I will get kicked out of my family.
Those of you interested can donate via my goofy CCFA webpage, here. ( i know, i know, worst looking page ever. i wish i could design my own, but they make you use theirs.)
Good things happen to people who donate. Mostly, the good things involve me thanking them obnoxiously, or singing songs about them.
If you live in Buffalo, you should come to the walk on Sept. 8. Check out the page, here. There will be cool auctions, free food and um, I will also be there. If you're lucky I'll get you a t-shirt.
Alright, my lovelies, I'm done begging for handouts now.

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Scottie said...

Just so you know...I am a runner with Crohn's and have been looking for something Crohn's related to get me going. Your post took me to the CCFA site, which took me to the Team Challenge site, which took me register for the Miami Half Marathon in January. Thanks for the motivation...and I have you bookmarked and plan to come back and donate.