Monday, July 15, 2013

Booknerd Boutique 7/15/13

 Oh kiddies, there's lots of cool stuff from the interwebs to share with you this week! Enjoy

I still have no idea what pictures should go with the Boutique posts :)
  • Funny/interesting article from Cracked about the private lives of 6 famous authors. You will NEVER look at Shel Silverstein the same way again.
  • You know, as I often remind you, that reading makes you smarter, thinner and sexier, right? Well, it can also help you from getting dementia when you're older. You're welcome.  
  • Interview about the upcoming movie adaptation of Joe Hill's novel Horns with director Alexandre Aja. The movie's going to star Harry Potter as a guy who wakes up with Horns that make everyone act nuts. Very excited about this one.  
  • Writing tips from Ernest Hemingway, though not one of my favorites, I like his tips which include: write, exercise and have sex (if he added eat cake that would make it pretty much perfect, amiright?)
  • As a wayward youth I specialized in reading books that were age inappropriate for me (here's looking at you Stephen King) and it has clearly made me more awesome. Here is YA author Patrick Ness' list of "innapropriate" books for youth. Very cool.
  • A ranking of Stephen King's film adaptations here. Some of my favorite adaptations: Shawshank Redemption, Stand By Me, Pet Sematary (scared the bejesus out of me when I was in middle school. like, embarassingly) Carrie (I'm still sometimes afraid Carrie's mom is waiting behind the door with a knife), The Dark Half (the sparrows are flying again!). Then there are ones that I watch on repeat constantly while writing/procrastinating: The Stand miniseries, IT miniseries (bad casting, IMO and cheesy effects, but my favorite book), Creepshow (love it!) Bonus list of adaptations here.
  • Want to go to Diagon Alley? Of course you do, silly muggle. Google maps can help
  • Oh, and speaking of Harry Potter - J.K. Rowling has another novel out under a sneaky pseudonym!  (also, I have just decided, just now, that The Sneaky Pseudonyms is a great band name)