Saturday, January 28, 2012

Two cool links:

Hi there. So, this week I found two different cool and bookish girl approved links I'd like to share.
The first is: Book Mooch
This is a site where you can send your unwanted books out into the world to people who really want them and get ones you do want from others. It's free to join and free to ask for books from others. The only costs for you is the shipping to send your books out. Each member has an account gets and spends points by completing actions on the site. You can read all about it before you sign up.
I've just signed up so I can't report too much more on it, but it seems really cool to me. Just because I didn't like a book doesn't mean that it isn't going to be great for someone else. And in theory, I can get stuff I want for free. So...if you got lots of books on your shelf that you don't need to hang on to, then consider signing up.

The next one is Chapter One through the Washington Post. This site allows you to read the first chapter of lots of new books. It's got a nice assortment of fiction and non-fiction. It's pretty cool to be able to check something out before committing.


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