Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Importance of Writing Space

I wanted to share with you this cool link I found the other day, which is a blog where authors display their writing space. It's called Write Place, Write Time.
I think this is pretty cool. I found it while I was on A.S. King's website (she's too BA to even call her my girlfriend, but you know...I'd take her on a date if I could). Here's a link to her entry. Joe Hill, one of my favorites also had a recent entry complete with cute pictures of his corgi (Squee! That's my second most wanted breed of dog!)
Some of these authors have extremely fancy offices some of them have a crazy mess happening (I'm looking at you, Peter Straub).
This is also timely because I spent a good deal of yesterday futzing around with my desk and office area in order to make it more streamlined. I argued to myself that this was a good use of time (you know...instead of writing) because it would make the space more...inspiring...user friendly...etc. This is crap, of course. As an amateur writer with lofty hopes and dreams it's somehow very easy for me to fritter away time that could otherwise be spent on writing.
So...on to writing....

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