Thursday, January 3, 2008


That's right, guys and ghouls, it's been one hot sexy year of blogging for this booknerd.
Also, remember how I did a 50 book recap? Well, after this post my next review will bring it up to 99 books in a year. Not too shabby.
I started the blog last year as a way for me to keep track of what I've read. I wanted to be able to look back and see, and I honestly didn't think anyone would read it. So, thanks, my lovelies.
Some fun facts:
  • I have read 26527 pages this year.
  • I have given the bee seal of approval 9 times.
  • The biggest tags on my tag cloud are: Supernatural and YA
  • Many of the books I read since the 50 book benchmark are series, for example: His Dark Materials, The Twilight Saga, the Abhorsen Trilogy, and of course, Harry Potter.
  • I added a tag called "In which I claim to be dating someone famous" because I like to say that people are my boyfriend all the time. Here's the ranking on that so far: Stephen King - wins it with 5 times. Trent Reznor - 2. Snape/Alan Rickman - 3. Tim Curry - 1. Laurie Halse Anderson - 1. My actual real life boyfriend? Yeah, I mentioned him once. Only to tell you that he's a slower reader than me. Pwned!
In addition: I have been contacted by two different authors of books I've reviewed this year. Because I am fucking awesome. Who are they? Guess. Seriously. Okay, I'll tell you. Laura M. Zeises commented on my review of her book: here. Graham Joyce sent me a meebo message and friended me on myspace (I'm basically goddamn famous). This gave me major warm fuzzies and a hugely big head. I'm now sitting around and waiting for SK or Mr. Gaiman to waltz on by and ask me to tea (or not).

Also, please enjoy another booknerd recap feature: What keywords brought you here? The following are keywords people used and ended up here. Last time there were lots more sex ones, seems I'm loosing my touch, or, people are getting better at finding internet porn.
  • wikipedia warm fuzzies (aw)
  • whats cher doing lately does she have a boyfriend (i dunno, but she's probly not gonna date you)
  • invisible man movie sex (huh? perv. i think)
  • sexy indian
  • dark witchraft (spooky)
  • sexy lines stephen king books (heehee)
  • sexy male pictures
  • rebels rape pretty girls (yucko)
So, Merry New Year, my darlings, and thank you for reading. Please allow me to suggest some resolutions for you: add booknerd to your RSS feeds. Tell a friend about this kickass blog. Comment on booknerd. Talk to bee on meebo (cause she's nice!)
Seriously, thanks for reading.

P.S. the nerdy cake images are from a blog post, here. If you're interested in baking me a cake I would like a Labyrinth theme cake, please and thank you (Bridget, I'm looking at you).


Anonymous said...

happy birthday! its true what they say:time flies when your havin'fun .even we dont get to talk like we used to(i blame your job)it doesnt mean i dont keep up.keep on the good work an to start the new year:heart-shaped box by joe hill who is stephen king's son! (which in a strange way yours son too)always your freind-the chimpdeamon from israel

bee said...
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bee said...

thanks, chimpdeamon! actually, i did read heart shaped box, earlier last year. you can find the review under the stephen king tag

Carl V. said...

Happy birthday/anniversary!!! I've enjoyed reading your reviews and look for more great books in 2008!

Anonymous said...

i should have known better.of course you read the was a lame attempt to show wont happen again-i

Bridget said...

Happy blogoversary, sexy book lady! When I get better and am back from ALA next week, I'll get working on designing you a cake. :)

Anonymous said...

look this is the "diet" i told you about you should really enter the site :) bye enter the site