Thursday, June 21, 2007

a gift to you

It's my birthday (yes, I get more excited about my birthday than most 12 year olds) but I thought I'd give you all a fun gift. Go check out this website:
It's a site dedicated to fun and interesting book inscriptions. I love to get and give books as gifts. Though I'm not usually big on writing in books, these are fun. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

happy birthday from germany

love, jens

Matt Charron said...

I have bought at least 1 used book from Powells in Portland with an inscription. It was in a very old copy and I'll have to search for it.

I remember feeling melancholy intruding on a message from someone who was long since dead to someone else, likely the same. That is why many old books end up in Powells.

Carl V. said...

Happy belated birthday, sorry I missed it last week.

And thank you for the birthday gift, very cool.

I hope you celebrated in style and were appreciated and doted on by those around you!

bookbabie said...

I love reading inscriptions in old books, people used to have such nice handwriting:) Happy birthday month!