Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Abhorsen by Garth Nix

  • Audio Cassette
  • Publisher: Listening Library (January 2006)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0807205605
  • ISBN-13: 978-0807205600
  • List Price: $25.00
  • I finished listening to this audio book on June 6
That's right, kids! Two seals of approval in a row! We're on a streak! (apparently we are also on an exclamation point streak!! sorry, i'll calm down).
Okay, so, as you may have guessed this is the third (and, regrettably final) installment in the Abhorsen Trilogy. Of course, we remember Sabriel and Lirael. Well, this one takes all the best fun parts from these books and rolls it up into a great big ball of charter magic shenanigans
So, here's the rub: the big bad in this book is The Big Bad (not to be confused with strongbad) meaning he's called The Destroyer and he means to destroy. He's been bound up in some metal circles for about a gajillion years and he's piiissed (that's only read properly if you kinda sing it, you know what I mean). So, Lirael and Sam have to stop it with the help of my favorite character ever: The Disreputable Dog. Craziness and badassery ensue. Big time. This book had some really good parts and I had chills more than once.
Also, you may remember in the Lirael post I wrote that I had some requirements for this book. One: I wanted to find out more about the Disreputable Dog *bing* Done! I'm not gonna tell you, but I will say that I giggling and clapping in my car like a total nutcase. Two: I wanted Sam to stop being such a girly man. Check! He totally stopped the whining which was a total plus. Three: I wanted Lirael to kiss someone, anyone (besides the Dog who licks her constantly). You can't hear it but I'm making the Taboo buzzer noise. No kisses for Lirael, but as Eddie from Rocky Horror tells us two outta three ain't bad. What? Did I just mention Rocky Horror, which also stars my favorite audio book reader, Tim Curry? Why yes, yes I did. I know you're sick of hearing it, but I'm not sorry. I love this man's voice.
Apparently there is a collection of short stories from Mr. Nix titled Across the Wall: Tales of the Abhorsen and Other Stories. According to the review here it only contains one story relating to this series, but I would still read it.
Anyway, I loved this series, there is such cool magic going on and the female characters are strong and interesting. I'm sort of surprised that this series isn't more popular. I definitely recommend it. Also, if you read these and like them I suggest the Sevenwaters Trilogy. This is one of my favorite fantasies with amazing female characters, one of which my my cat is named after. p.s. I wish my cats could talk, though I doubt they have anything as interesting to say as the Disreputable Dog or Mogget.


Carl V. said...

Tim Curry is one of the most fabulous audio book readers out there. Love listening to books he reads. He and George Guidall and Neil Gaiman...I could listen to the three of them read anything.

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I'm a bookstore, we should meet.