Monday, June 3, 2013

In which I get a sign from my dinner

So, okay, I am a school librarian, as such, I have the summers off. (If you say something douchey like "Must be nice" I will bust through your screen and punch your mouth off - every job has pros and cons!) Anywho, as a result, I make summer goals much like most people make New Year's Resolutions. Every summer I work on writing pretty much like it's a full time job, either writing a draft of a new project, or editing. (More on this summer's new project to come.)

Anyway, the product of the last two summers (and of course, all the months in between) is a YA novel that I'm trying to find an agent for. I have queried agents before, but now, I have heavily edited both my manuscript and my query and am making a clean new go at it. I plan on sharing the process (in convenient, sexy blog form - now with more snark!) as I go. My current goal is to send an even 100 query letters before school lets out. So far I have sent...13.
I know, that kinda sucks, but I'm working on it. Anyway, I sent out the first batch yesterday morning, then later, Boyfriend and I went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant where we chatted about my ideas for my upcoming Summer First Draft and my Querying Process. Then the bill came and...
 So, I'm gonna go ahead and assume that's a good sign. Wish me luck!