Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Hello my lovelies! I'm back from Florida and you can expect more books to be posted on a more regular basis now.
Here's the thing, I'm not one of those people who's gonna try to make you look at pictures of my vacation for hours, or my awesome amateur photography (but if you're interested, I do have a flickr, and you can check it out here also, I am awesome and so are my pictures). Having said that in Florida and we did Disney and Universal. I have to say I think Universal is cooler, and they have something I thought you'd enjoy, so I brought you back some pics.
That's right, Universal has a whole section dedicated to Dr. Seuss! I thought you'd enjoy seeing some pics of the Lorax since I have reviewed it on this site. And yes, he looks even more like Wilfred Brimley in person. The third pic is the Once-ler's House, and you can actually walk through the garden of Truffula Trees and stuff. Cool! Well, anywho: enjoy!

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Carl V. said...

Ah, fun pics! I like your graveyard pics on your flickr site as well.