Friday, April 20, 2007

Bee at Deliciously Clean Reads

Hello my lovelies. This is just a note from your beloved booknerd to tell you that awesome book reviews by me can also be seen at Deliciously Clean Reads. DCR is all about reviewing books that happen to not contain cursing and graphic sex. I know you're shocked right now. You're thinking, but Bee, you love books with cursing, one night stands, and of course...the gayest cover ever. And that's true, my sweets, but I also love a lot of very tame YA and children's books.
I will be a regular contributor over there, but of course, I review everything here, so the reviews there will be repeats (though I'm giving them a different treatment). For example, my first review there is of Elsewhere (go here to read my original review) But the blog is really good. Recently they've even reviewed some of my favorites, like Twilight. So, check it out if you'd like. They also take submissions, and guidelines are on their page if you're interested.


Carl V. said...

Great idea for a website, especially when it comes to looking for books to buy others. I'm so used to not buying anything that I haven't read first for fear that it will have something in it that will horribly offend the giftee, or in the cases of the younger relatives, the giftee's parents.

chittavrtti said...

ah a Twilight fan. Out of curiousity does this mean that you will be attendign any of hte many, many Eclipse proms next month?**CV

bee said...

Wow, I hadn't heard about the proms. That's some very serious business. I'm not really a prom kinda girl, but it does sound like fun. I wonder what kind of fun suprises will happen? And I can't wait for more books!